Other Resources

Other Resources

Last Updated by Melinda Marsh

As the internet continues to develop, so too does the amount of comprehensive anthropology link sites. In an attempt to avoid cyber-repetition, we will offer only links to those pages.

Also, don’t forget to view the AAA Internet Resources page!

Academic Job Searching:
AAA Positions Open listings
The Chronicle of Higher Education if you check every week, you can see all the listings for free. Also great advice columns.
H-NET has very comprehensive listings, including a lot which don’t advertise in the Anthropology News (particularly good if you cross into other disciplines or are interested in small liberal arts colleges).
Photoethnography Career Archive – This provides excellent career advice inside and outside of the field of anthropology about succeeding in an academia career.
NOTE: For non-academic job options, check directly with businesses, government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and research institutions (too many good options out there to even begin to list these).

Anthropology Publications:

About.com’s Archaeology page
ArchNet serves as the World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology; you may search by geographic region or subject.
Archaeology on the Net has an extensive index of archaeology links, covering many topics and subjects.

Campus Organizations:
For a listing of student organizations, browse the NASA Directory of Anthropology Student Groups.

Comprehensive Sites:
Anthro.net – listing of many subjects organized by a table of contents
Anthropologist community on livejournal – While it is not a collection of links, it does provide a discussion forum for anthropologists on livejournal. Usually the latest anthropology related news stories are discussed. Making a livejournal account is free but is not necessary to reply to the posts. Link added by request of one of the moderators.
Dr. Griffin’s Anthro Lounge – A forum for talk about everything anthropology! There is a general anthropology discussion, student lounge, as well as forums on upcoming conferences, career interests, and websites of interest for doing online research and/or making a difference in communities If you are an anthropologist, a student of anthropology, or simply interested in the field, feel free to join!
WCSU List: Anthropology Internet Resources – Many links in all 4 fields. (currently offline)
News from Texas A&M – World news of interest to anthropology
Moving Anthropology Student Network – Association for students to connect in Europe

Cultural Anthropology:
Cultural Anthropology in Yahoo Directory – Cultural Anthropology links
Virtual Library – Cultural Anthropology links

Graduate School Information:
A Basic Guide to Graduate School Admissions in Anthropology – A detailed guide to the preparations process. Also includes good advice for those who are taking time off before graduate school
Advice for Undergraduates considering graduate school – Good general advice regardless of field
Apply Corner - This is a school application tracking website dedicated to helping you manage anything from college admissions to medical admissions. All four fields of anthropology are listed as potential majors.
Choosing a Graduate School (or do they choose you?) – A bit tailored to USD but a good resource anyway
Piled Higher and Deeper - Comic relief for doctoral students

Grants, Funding, & Post-Doc Information:
The Foundation Center – offers a wide range of services and resources including: orientations, training and outreach, computer searching, private foundation information, directories, books and periodicals, grant maker files, bibliographic databases, and libraries.
Graduate Fellowship Notebook – Cornell has a comprehensive list of Fellowships and Grants.
UBC ORS Program Query – A useful site for online queries of research granting agencies (a comprehensive list including Canadian agencies).

Virtual Library – More Linguistic Anthropology Links.

Physical Anthropology:
Biological Anthropology web – “Information on and discussions of topics related to broadly defined aspects of biological & cultural human variation & adaptation.” A very well laid out site that is worth checking out.
Biological Anthropology on the WWW – A personal collection of links which is divided by area of interest
Forensic Anthro Anthropology – Forensic Anthropology and Human Osteology Resources
Virtual library – Biological Anthropology Links.

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