Why Join NASA?
  • NASA offers two annual monetary awards to both graduate and undergraduate members: The NASA Travel Award and the Carrie Hunter-Tate Student Award for academic and professional excellence.
  • NASA receives a large amount of allotted time for students to present at the annual meeting.
  • NASA members elect their peers to serve as officers. These officers represent students within the governance of the larger association, which is a great leadership opportunity.
  • NASA provides a host of resources for students attending the Annual Meetings.
  • NASA members also have the opportunity to publish in the sections’ column in Anthropology News.

How do I join NASA?

In order to join NASA (a section of the AAA), you need to become a member of the AAA. You can join the section either when joining the AAA by ticking NASA on the sections you’d like to join, or if you are already a member by simply filling out the membership form and check the NASA box and mail it to the AAA or call (703) 528-1902 or email  To become a member of the AAA, go to their website and selection “undergraduate information” for a special promotion or if you are not an undergraduate select the “Join” link.

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